We have an extensive record of helping our customers build their dream cars by ensuring to the highest quality and standard for all varieties of vehicles. Below is what we specialise in. Feel free to contact us for a consultation, quote or booking for your vehicle.

Seat And Cushion Repairs / Molding / Door Panels / Roof Linings And Final Roof / Seating (Complete) / Custom Leather Interiors / Tire Covers / Removable Covers / Carpets / Tonneau Covers For Utes / Soft Tops And Convertibles / Custom Logos / Re-trims And Dash Repairs / Steering Wheels / Taxis And Commercial Vehicles – Caravans / Minivans Cushions And Curtains / Trains And Busses Private And Commercial


One of our specialties is restoring vintage vehicles and we are one of the only trimmers in Australia that still stock original materials for your vintage car. We are also able to help you with the research behind original looks and materials for your prized possession.

Our specialties include hot rods, classic and vintage vehicles. We have over 30 years’ experience and have restored hundreds of cars. We believe that one of the most important aspects of the restoration is the upholstery. We are committed and passionate about working with our client to ensure the right design and the perfect interior for your car, comes to life.

Hoods / Side Screens / Seating / Carpet / Interior Paneling / Trunks / Luggage / Dashboards / Steering Wheels / Fabric Bodies / Vinyl Roofs


We have had the pleasure of seeing our customers win a wide range of awards in the years with our custom designed interiors in all top Adelaide car shows. We are able to deliver the best standard with innovative new one off designs for your car to have the individuality it deserves. We work collaboratively to ensure our client is involved in all aspects of the process; when choosing materials, colours and designs.


From standard re-cover and repairing of motorcycle seats, to customised pattern and unique designs we have many years of experience with all model motorcycles to ensure a quality job.There are various repairs we can fix such as scuffs, scratches, burns, rips, tears, stains, colour loss & restoration.With a wide variety of custom Choppers, Harleys and sports bikes these days we can safely say that there is a need to compliment any custom made ride whether it is on 4 wheels or 2.

Burns / Rips / Tears / Stains / Color Loss / Scuffs / Re-foaming


We are Adelaide marine trimming experts. We pride ourselves in providing all upholstery services; interior, exterior and carpeting on all marine boats and yachts. With an extensive record of providing an excellent range of services in Adelaide, we come highly recommended for meeting all your boating upholstery needs.

We specialize in individually tailored customised work to suite our client needs, and can source the highest quality materials from all around the world for your complete satisfaction.

Boat Foam & Cushion Repairs / Zip Replacements / Carpets / New/replacement Hoods And Clears / Boat Canopies / Storm Covers / Boat Covers / Leather, Vinyl & Fabric Applications / Quarters & Living Area Fit-outs/ Re-decor / Bar Work / Biminis / Outboard Covers / Awnings And Sun Blades / Tender Covers / Clear Screens (Windscreen, Fly Bridge & Rear) / Rear Enclosed Canopies / Bow, Towing & Stone Guards / Seat Upholstering / Ski Boat / Jet Ski Re-trims / Inboard Covers


We can provide the best quality and service to accommodate your specific needs in outdoor entertaining. With custom made plastic blinds or choose from the newest outdoor materials for shade sails or verandah blinds.


Feel free to contact us for a quote on re-decorating your old furniture. With our experienced staff we can cater from brand new custom items to re-foaming and upholstering your vintage antique furnishings.

Need it in a hurry talk? to one of our staff, as we are able to have custom work turned around in under 24 hours. Contact us to find out.

Dining Chairs / Bed Heads / Lounges / Specialized Reclining Chairs / Bespoke Items